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Face Painting & Photos

A few new photos that I have been painting.... Frozen parties are very popular now....
From simple face painting to full face designs Lainie can create "Awesome" face painting for your next event. 

Our book is filled with many designs to choose from. We have cute,fun girly designs, to cool stuff for boys.

Children and adults love to be face painted.

Here are just a few pics of our work. 

More pics to come once I get update ones. I realized working on this new site my pictures need some updating (dates on photos are a good hint)..... oooops how my face painting has changed. More years=better painting. :o)

Glitter Tattoos 

Great for Pool Parties. 

Folks can get their tattoos and jump right in the water. We have over 75 different designs for the party goer's to choose from... 

Tattoos can last for about 5-7 days if cared for. 

Great value for your money.

Face Painting